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The business of farming has changed dramatically the past few years. The Pinnacle Agency in Lincoln, NE can assist you with understanding the dynamics of these changes. To be successful, farm owners, operators and farm managers must work together to understand and adapt to the challenges of a modern day farm.

Landowners, who have inherited a farm, purchased a farm for an investment or just don't have the time or expertise to manage this valuable asset, should consider using our Professional Farm Management services. Fertilizer, weed control, seed selection and grain marketing can all have a major impact on your bottom line. Your Farm Manager will keep up to date on the newest technologies, make fertility and weed control recommendations, inspect your farm, market your grain and negotiate a current market rental rate with your operator. You will receive timely farm reports, quarterly and yearly financial statements and we will communicate with you immediately if there are any changes or concerns with the farm.

We get to know the landowners individual needs and their goals for the farm. The farm manager will help you identify ways to maximize your profit potential by working closely with the operator, keeping costs under control and developing a marketing plan that can provide you with a higher net income on every acre. The Pinnacle Agency is dedicated to provide you with outstanding customer service.

Call Boyd at (402) 875-0361 to find out how our Farm Management services will benefit you and your farm.

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 Boyd Smith


Boyd grew up on a family farm in southeast York County.  He received his Bachelor’s degree from Doane College.  Prior to beginning his Farm Management career Boyd operated a row-crop farming and cattle operation in York County.  Boyd is a licensed Real Estate Broker in Nebraska, Kansas and Iowa and brings with him extensive farm management knowledge and real estate sales experience. You can contact Boyd at (402) 875-0361 or email




Derek Vrtiska


Derek grew up in Table Rock, NE. He received his Bachelor's Degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Derek began his Farm Management career in  March of 2014, and is a licensed Real Estate salesperson in Nebraska. You can contact Derek at (402) 852-6208 or email