The Pinnacle Agency originated in Osceola, Nebraska over 50 years ago. Since this time we have expanded our operations to include agencies in Lexington, Ogallala, Shelby, Palmer, Verdigre, Columbus, Grand Island, and St. Paul, Nebraska.

At The Pinnacle Agency we value our customers. With our experience and professional ability we help determine the most effective and efficient coverage for your needs. As a result we build strong personal relationships with each of our customers.

The first step in obtaining this goal is having the ability to offer variety to our customers. We are able to do this through the different types of insurance we provide.

The Pinnacle Agency offers many lines of insurance to cater to your every need. Our ability to do this is made possible by the number of different companies we represent.

At The Pinnacle Agency we represent a carefully selected group of reputable insurance companies and place your policy with the company offering the best available coverage at a competitive price. We are an equal opportunity provider.